Fire Damage Cleanup & Repair

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Fire Damage Restoration: 

What It Entails

As you know, fire can cause a lot of destruction. It affects thousands of homes and businesses nationwide every single year. No matter how big the fire, there is usually some kind of damage the occurs to the property. This damage usually takes the form of burnt fixtures and structures or smoke damage to other surrounding areas. Fire damage can be extremely extensive. If you become a victim of fire damage in your home or business, it is important that you get professional help with fire damage restoration. Professional fire damage is the method of salvaging and repairing the damage that was caused by a fire.

The Procedure

1. Assessment

Our process begins with an initial assessment of the damage on the property. This assessment will occur as soon as the fire is completely put out. Our team of professionals visit the scene and evaluate how extensive the harm to the structure on your property is. Also, they will analyze soot and smoke damage to walls, furniture, and other surfaces.

2. Salvaging

In most cases, home fires usually do not destroy everything. Some structures and fixtures are often left intact. This means that you can mitigate losses by salvaging and restoring the area. Our team of professionals will assist you in salvaging and securing anything that is not affected by the fire.

3. Cleanup and Repair

The final step of the fire damage restoration process is cleanup and repair. Soot and smoke need to be eradicated if a home or business is deemed habitable. Also, valuable structures in the house need to be repaired to mitigate losses.

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